France satellite map

Map of France satellite. France satellite map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. France satellite map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. The upper central part of France satellite scene is dominated by the Paris Basin, which consists of a layered sequence of sedimentary rocks. Fertile soils over much of the area make good agricultural land as its shown in France satellite map. The Normandie coast to the upper left is characterized by high, chalk cliffs, while the Brittany coast (the peninsula to the left) is highly indented where deep valleys were drowned by the sea, and the Biscay coast to the southwest is marked by flat, sandy beaches. To the south, the Pyrenees form a natural border between France and Spain, and the south-central part of the country is dominated by the ancient Massif Central. Subject to volcanism that has only subsided in the last 10,000 years, these central mountains are separated from the Alps by the north-south trending Rhone River Basin.

Map of France satellite

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France satellite map allows to see the detailed relief of France characterized by its "S" which begin from the south of Vosges, comes down the valley of the Rhône and end on the West on the South of Massif Central and the North of Pyrenees as its mentioned in France satellite map. The six mountains of France that are: the Alps, the Pyrénnées, the Massif Central, Jura, Vosges and the Armorican massif.
Two visualization methods were combined to produce France satellite image: shading and color coding of topographic height. The shade image as you can see in France satellite map was derived by computing topographic slope in the northwest-southeast direction, so that northwest slopes appear bright and southeast slopes appear dark. Color coding is directly related to topographic height, with green at the lower elevations, rising through yellow and tan, to white at the highest elevations.