Geological map of France

Map of France geological. Geological map of France (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Geological map of France (Western Europe - Europe) to download. The regional geology of France as its shown in the geological map of France is commonly divided into the Paris Basin, the Armorican Massif, the Massif Central, the Aquitaine Basin, the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Côte languedocienne, the Sillon rhodanien, the Massif des Vosges, the Massif Ardennais, the Alsace graben (Rhine graben) and Flanders Basin.

Map of France geological

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The Southern French Alps are renowned for their geological sites, some of them world-famous in geological circles, others simply spectacular and of interest to the average holidaymaker. The mountains and valleys around Gap as its mentioned in the geological map of France are a great place to discover geology in action and see how the Alps were formed.
Take the site known as the "Demoiselles Coiffées" literally "ladies with hairdos" as you can see in the geological map of France. An affectionate name for the unusual natural sculptures formed by the irregular erosion of a particular type of rock known as puddingstone, which leaves a narrowly-tapered column topped with a large rock delicately balanced on top. Also known as "fairy chimneys", their official geological term is a "hoodoo".