Physical map of France

France physical features map. Physical map of France (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Physical map of France (Western Europe - Europe) to download. The French landscape, for the most part, is composed of relatively low-lying plains, plateaus, and older mountain blocks, or massifs. This pattern clearly predominates over that of the younger, high ranges, such as the Alps and the Pyrenees as its shown in the physical map of France. The diversity of the land is typical of Continental Europe.

France physical features map

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The physical structure of France is dominated by a group of ancient mountains in the shape of a gigantic V, the sides of which form the two branches of Hercynian folding that took place between 345 and 225 million years ago as its mentioned in the physical map of France. The eastern branch comprises the Ardennes, the Vosges, and the eastern part of the Massif Central, while the Hercynian massifs to the west comprise the western part of the Massif Central and the Massif Armoricain.
One of the countries with the most varied landscape in Europe is France. It has sunny beaches, coastal plains, high mountains, hilly regions. The Mediterranean Sea coastline, the French Riviera as you can see in the physical map of France, on the south including the beautiful beaches and elegant cities is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the whole world, while the Atlantic coast on the west and north is rather wild, natural landscape stretching from the southern plains towards a more hilly, rocky northern coast with rugged cliffs.
In France there are lots of physical characteristics. Rhine River is a river valley separating France and Germany. Pyrenees Mountains separate France and Spain. France is the 2nd largest country in Europe. A few scattered islands are found along the pebbles of the Mediterranean coast as its shown in the physical map of France. The country is full of rivers. The Loire Valley is the largest river. There are plenty of different animals in France. Some are birds, insects, bats, squirrels, beavers, otters, etc. France usually has mild temperatures throughout the year. It is not too hot or too cold with a mix of rain and sunshine.