France neighbouring countries map

Map of France and neighbouring countries. France neighbouring countries map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. France neighbouring countries map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. France is bordered by 7 countries as its shown in France neighbouring countries map: by Belgium and Luxembourg in the northeast; by Germany, Switzerland and Italy in the east; and by Spain and Andorra in the south. It is also bounded by the Bay of Biscay (North Atlantic Ocean) in the west; by the English Channel in the northwest and by the Mediterranean Sea in the south. France also shares maritime borders with UK in the north.

Map of France and neighbouring countries

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Belgium–France relations refer to Interstate relations between the Belgium and France. Relations were established after the Independence of both nations. Both nations are great allies. Both nations have cultural similarities, both governments cooperate. Luxembourg is a strategic trading partner for France given its geographical proximity and the strength of its economy as its mentioned in France neighbouring countries map. The bilateral trading relationship represented a surplus for France of €573 million in 2017. The relations between France and Germany as a neighbouring country is embodied in a cooperation called Franco-German Friendship (French: Amitié franco-allemande; German: Deutsch-Französische Freundschaft). This came about after 1945, when a French-German enmity between the two countries ended.
Relations between Switzerland and France are rich and vibrant, particularly in the border areas. The two countries share a language and have close human, political, economic and cultural ties. They maintain close and regular contacts at all levels. The relationship between France and Italy is very active, as fitting given the cooperation between these two major neighbouring partners which are EU founding members and have close economic, cultural and historical ties as you can see in France neighbouring countries map. Bilateral cooperation sees an annual summit, which was enshrined in Rome in February 1982. France is one of the largest trading partners of Spain. In March 2015, Philip VI of Spain chose to go to France as its first diplomatic visit since his accession. Franco-Andorran relations have existed since 1278, when Andorra was granted sovereignty through paréage by the Count of Foix in southern France.