France hospital map

Map of France hospital. France hospital map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. France hospital map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. There are around 1,400 hospitals in France as its shown in France hospital map. The healthcare system in France is highly accessible, even for foreigners, although you will be typically asked to show certain documents when visiting French hospitals. Hospital in French is hôpital or, more commonly, centre hospitalier. French hospitals can be found in the main French cities and bigger towns by following signs saying ‘CHR’ (regional hospitals), ‘CHS’ (specialist hospitals) or ‘CHU’ (university hospitals). During the first year of the former French president François Hollande Presidency, the number of publicly owned hospitals in France also increased at an abrupt pace, going from 928 in 2012 to 1,458 hospitals in 2013.

Map of France hospital

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There are two types of hospitals in France as its mentioned in France hospital map: state-run hôpitaux and privately run cliniques privées. Some private cliniques are state-approved and work for the national health service, so your doctor (médecin traitant) may refer you to either a state hospital or private clinic. Indeed, there are as many 'private' hospitals (commercial and charitable) as public hospitals. Such is the overlap between private and public that many public hospitals offer certain privately run services, eg MRI scans. This occurs as it is frequently the only way to ensure that consultants are willing to work in public hospitals.