France rail map

France rail map detailed. France rail map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. France rail map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. There is a total of 31,939 kilometres (19,846 mi) of railway in France as its shown in France rail map, mostly operated by SNCF, the French national railway company. However, the railway system is a small portion of total travel, accounting for less than 10% of passenger travel. From 1981 onwards, a newly-constructed set of high-speed LGV (Lignes à Grande Vitesse) lines linked France most populous areas with the capital, starting with Paris-Lyon. In 1994, the Channel Tunnel opened, connecting France and Great Britain by rail under the English Channel.

France rail map detailed

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The French railway network, as administered by Réseau Ferré de France (RFF), disposes (June 2007) of a network of commercially usable lines of 29,213 kilometers (18,152 mi), out of which 15,141 km (9,408 mi) is electrified. 1,876 km (1,166 mi) of those are high speed lines (LGV), 16,445 km (10,218 mi) dispose of two or more tracks. 5,905 km (3,669 mi) are supplied with 1,500 V DC, 9,113 km (5,663 mi) with 25 kV AC at 50 Hz as its mentioned in France rail map. 122 km (76 mi) are electrified by third rail or other means. Since 1981, the SNCF has operated the TGV service, a high-speed rail network which has been consistently expanded in subsequent years.
French railways is the easiest, often the fastest and usually the most convenient way to get round France. Taking the train - rather than flying - is the best option for anyone planning to visit France without a car. With 2800 km of dedicated high-speed rail lines, plus thousands more kilometres of main line and branch line, the French rail network links all main towns, and also extends deep into rural France as you can see in France rail map. French trains are on the whole comfortable, punctual and relatively cheap.
Almost 500 km of new High Speed Rail lines opened in France in 2017 as its shown in France rail map. 182 kilometres of new dedicated line from Le Mans to Rennes opened in May, and almost 300 km of new HST track followed in July, to complete the high-speed rail link from Paris to Bordeaux, with trains running at 320 km/hr.