Map of central France

Map of France central. Map of central France (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Map of central France (Western Europe - Europe) to download. Central France may not boast fine beaches or share its borders with other European nations, but some of the country richest landscapes and attractions are located here: the châteaux of the Loire Valley, the extensive vineyards of Burgundy, the lakes and moors of Limousin and the volcanoes of the Auvergne as its shown in the map of central France. It also holds the shining jewel in France crown – Paris. A visit to central France is a chance to discover some of its less frequented areas, to delve further into its magnificent history and culture, and to sample some of its greatest produce.

Map of France central

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The central area of France is perhaps one of the country most hidden gems. Though largely an agricultural region, this area is also home to a fabulous wine region, with scores of beautiful vineyards, as well as some undiscovered yet fabulous cities, with the Loire Valley boasting some of the most stunning castles from the Renaissance period as its mentioned in the map of central France. This region is perfect for the active amongst you, with great spots for both water sports (on the Atlantic Coast) and hiking, in the Auvergne region, famous for its extinct volcanos. The region is also home to two exceptional amusement parks: the phenomenal Futuroscope park in Poitiers, dedicated to the interactive exploration of new technology, and the historical theme park Puy du Fou in Vendee, France second most popular after Disneyland, which makes it a great destination for families.
Many of Central France capitals various museums, monuments, gardens, restaurants and architectural marvels are of legendary renown, and in combination they make every step through the city completely beguiling. The enchantment continues in the Loire, where some of the world most spectacular châteaux lie as you can see in the map of central France. Once royal residences, each has its own story to tell and all remain integral to the country’s identity. East of here the picturesque villages of Burgundy sit among row upon row of leafy vines, from whose grapes the elegant Burgundian wines are made. Limousin and Auvergne are lesser known regions that have maintained a wild, unspoilt beauty that it is a pleasure to behold. Vast, glittering lakes, volcanic scenery, honey coloured hamlets and medieval castles make these regions the perfect place to escape and feel the freedom of the outdoors.