Map of eastern France

Map of France eastern. Map of eastern France (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Map of eastern France (Western Europe - Europe) to download. With bountiful vineyards, classic villages, and hearty cuisine, Eastern France is a wonderful part of the country to explore. Located where the Rhine River divides the European continent, Eastern France has been at the strategic centre of empires and nations at war for centuries and has the historical landmarks and scars to show for it. Today it is a mix of cultures where you’ll find traditional French tastes and styles alongside distinct German influences as its shown in the map of eastern France.

Map of France eastern

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A visit to Eastern France offers a paradise for those who love to be outdoors, are looking for spectacular scenery, and appreciate good food and excellent wine as its mentioned in the map of eastern France. As the capital of the Alsace region in northeast France, Strasbourg is home to a dizzying combination of fairytale views, delicious local wine, and a charming pairing of French and German culture. Grenoble is an exceptionally special French city that has captivated visitors for centuries. It is situated at the foot of the French Alps and is undeniably picture-perfect, boasting views of Mont Blanc and providing easy access to mind-blowing mountains and forests nearby.
Experience the best of the Burgundy region with a visit to Dijon. Here you will discover a rich cultural heritage, exciting culinary experiences and a history dating back to Roman times.The third-largest city in France, Lyon is the country gastronomic capital with a wealth of cultural and historic sites to discover too. Situated on the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Saône, the city covers the banks of both rivers and is joined by a series of bridges as you can see in the map of eastern France. If you want to taste a bit of the quieter France, to leave behind you the busy Paris and explore a peaceful little town, then Clermont-Ferrand is what you need. Clermont-Ferrand is in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, around two hours drive from Lyon.