Map of northern France coast

Map of France northern coast. Map of northern France coast (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Map of northern France coast (Western Europe - Europe) to download. France southern coast is famous for its beaches and the chance to celeb-spot as you soak up the sun, but for those of us looking for a more down-to-earth beach holiday, you should look no further than France northern coast. Located on the north-western coast of the Brittany region as its shown in the map of northern France coast, Baie d’Aurdiene is a rugged stretch of coastline with calm beaches which are ideal for families however, thrill-seekers will also enjoy the breaker waves, which attract surfers from all over Europe. There is also an abandoned German bunker from World War 2 that the history buffs will love.

Map of France northern coast

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A golden, sandy beach on northern France Opal Coast, Equihen-Plage is popular with tourists from all over Europe as its mentioned in the map of northern France coast. Equihen-Plage caters for families, couples and for those who prefer to get active in the great outdoors, with facilities for sailing, fishing and more available. Near the beach is Nausicaa, a world-class sea life centre and Boulogne, a large fishing town with hotels and facilities for tourists. Famously the site of the D-Day landings, and immortalised in films from The Longest Day to Saving Private Ryan, the beaches of Normandy were the host of one of Europe’s most pivotal military events.
The extreme northern coast of France, from Belgium to Calais, borders on the North Sea, and is characterised by broad sandy beaches and sand dunes as you can see in the map of northern France coast. Beyond Calais - reflecting the English coast opposite - the Channel coast round and south of Cap Gris Nez has chalk cliffs, with small harbours and beaches of shingle or sand. Between Calais and Boulogne, the Opal Coast, as it is known, is part of a regional park area, with its coastal footpath and other hiking opportunities. The cliffs give way to a flat coastline with beaches and estuarine shores in Picardy, round the mouth of the River Somme. The resort of Le Touquet is famous for its sand dunes.