France stadium map

Map of France stadium. France stadium map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. France stadium map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. France major football stadiums received a much-needed makeover for the Euro 2016 Championships. Some spectacular new arenas were built, others got renovated, while many smaller clubs had already built new smaller stadiums in previous years. However, attendances have only picked up modestly, which is a shame considering the much-improved matchday experience. That said, the teams that can only dream of playing in Ligue 1 do not have a huge amount of money to build fantastic new stadiums. Many are around the 10,000+ mark when it comes to their capacity and some are even below 5,000 as its shown in France stadium map. A lot of the better stadiums in France were refurbished prior to France hosting the 2016 European Championships, but some of the lesser grounds didn’t enjoy the same blessing.

Map of France stadium

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France is simultaneously home to some of the most spectacular and least impressive stadiums in world football. The Stade de France, for example, is capable of hosting over 80,000 spectators and the Stade Vélodrome is not much further off with a capacity of just over 65,000 a its mentioned in France stadium map. The impressive, large grounds are not merely reserved for teams in Ligue 1, either. Relegation to Ligue 2 is all too common for even some of the best sides, meaning that stadiums in the French second-tier can often host over 20,000 supporters if needs be. The stadiums are a pleasant mix of modern and fancy with some older more ‘personality’ based grounds, to use a euphemism.