Cycling maps France

France bike map. Cycling maps France (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Cycling maps France (Western Europe - Europe) to download. Cycling in France has been a popular sport for more than a century. Indeed, the vélocipède was used in France as early as 1816, the very word bicycle was coined in France in 1860, and Paris was the first major city to offer free bicycles (Velib') to its inhabitants. France islands provide some interesting and varied cycling. From the road cycling haven that is hilly Corsica to car-free Aix and the holiday resort islands of Ile-de-Ré and Oleron as its shown in cycling maps France. We also cover some smaller, more unknown islands such as those off the coast of Brittany, as well as France's Indian Ocean outpost of Reunion. And, yes, we include the Channel Islands, even though they are not technically French.
French drivers are used to seeing bicyclists on city, town and village streets, on country roads and even two-lane highways as its mentioned in cycling maps France. Most drivers are accommodating to cyclists and will share the road if you know and observe the Rules of the Road and show that you ride with confidence, like you know what you are doing.
From marked bike lanes in big cities and small towns to verdant bike paths along rivers and canals and through parks and forests, France is covered in bicycle paths, making travel and touring by bicycle much safer and more pleasant as you can see in cycling maps France. If you are a pedestrian, you must be aware of bike paths and not walk in them unless they are meant for sharing. Sometimes pedestrian and bike lanes are separately marked on a path so that bikers may ride unimpeded and pedestrians may walk in safety.